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  Natural Health and Preventive Care Slow down your aging and improve your look and health.    Our individually customized programs are all about you and your wellness. If you wish to prevent illness or improve any of the following conditions - we may help: - Insomnia - Chronic Fatigue - Surplus weight - Cellulites - Migranes - Back or Joint pain    Also we may help to achieve the following improvements to your health: - Increased Vitality, Higher Daily Energy - Reduced Stress - Improved Healing - Reduced Joint and Muscle Pains - Healthier Longevity    We offer one-on-one individual consultations, record-keeping about the status of your health and personalized progress, health and blood education with the use of Dark-Field Microscopy as well as other methods combined with extensive Doctor’s experience and latest research results in the Wellness, Nutrition and Anti-aging fields. Preventive care is a guided process and I will be with you at  every step of your way to a healthier lifestyle... Alexander Grigor Personal trainer, Doctor of Natural Medicine
After graduating from a Medical College Dr. Alexander Grigor has achieved  University degree in Kinesiology working as the Chief of Alternative Medicine Department of the International Medical Research Family Health Center in Ukraine. In Canada Dr. Grigor successfully completed licensing as Doctor Of Natural Medicine, Registered Massage Therapist and Certified Acupuncture Health Practitioner.