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Specialty Facials 1. Deep Pore Cleansing Facials - $260.00 / 2 hours. Deep cleanse plus Oxygenated microdermabrasion treatment fresh and smoother look. 2. Anti-Acne Treatment - $200.00 / 90 min. For those who suffer from acne and wish to bring back the health to their skin - all ages. 3. Anti-Couperose Treatment - $130.00 / 60 min. To treat redness of skin and capillaries. 4. Anti-Pigmentation Treatment - $130.00 / 60 min. Pigmentation is a result of a localized modification of skin colouring due to uncontrolled growth of melanin pigment. Treat your skin with “Apiderme” and Oxygen mask designed to correct those imperfections on your skin. 5. Oxygenation Mask - $120.00 / 60 min. For impure, sensitive, reddened and congested skin. Renew your skin by reactivating the peripheral microcirculation and balancing skin’s pH.
Anti-Aging Treatments 1. Oxygenated Microdermabrasion - $280.00 / 2 hours. Prevent and minimize those wrinkles. 2. Facial Oxygenation Treatment - $220.00 / 60 min. Stimulate metabolic functions and improve blood circulation. 3. Nebulization Treatment - $230 / 60 min. Antioxidant complex - special nebulization of the face with vitamin package (A,C and E) plus pure oxygen give your skin bright looks and continues its work many days after the treatment. 4. Inhalation Treatment - $200 / 60 min. Pure oxygen stimulates your metabolic functions, the essential oil relaxes your body and mind. 5. Intra-Epidermal Infusion - $200 / 60 min. Active ingredients in specifically formulated serums infused to the deepest layer of the epidermis, give the best quality of your skin and continues positive promotion for many days after the treatment.
Body Contouring, Facial Sculpting, Skin Tightening, Fine Lines and Wrinkle Reduction, Circumference Reduction, Localized Fat Reduction “TriPollar” by Pollogen R.F. in the context of Aesthetic applications, is a general method to heat deep skin layers by delivering High Frequency current. 1. Face, Neck and Chin (Sculpting) - $260.00 / 60 min;  $390.00 / 90 min. 2. Hands (Fine Lines and Wrinkle Reduction) - $130.00 / 30 min. 3. Arms and Abdomen (Curcumference Reduction) - $260.00 / 60 min. 4. Buttocks and Thighs (Fat Reduction) - $260.00 / 60 min;  $390.00 / 90 min. 5. Localized Fat Reduction - $260.00 / 60 min;  $390.00 / 90min.
  Signature Treatments Radiance Royal Day - Rd. Belter CollagenMask (Non-Surgical Face Lifting) - $350.00 / 2 hours. Collagen Face Mask is a new beauty breakthrough utilizing the latest trends and technologies in cosmetology. Radiance Beauty Flash-Caviar Sheet (Smoothing and Anti-Wrinkle Effect) - $320.00 / 2 hours. Luxurious treatment rich in amino-acids and essential minerals to intencify, moisture and stimulate cellular metabolism for a yonger, firmer and more hydrated, revitalized skin.
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