Thermocoagulation  Thermocoagulation is used to treat Vascular Imperfections such as spider veins; Raised Imperfections such as skin tags, molluscums or milla grains; Pigmentation Imperfections -  age spots or spots due to photosensitivity. Thermocoagulation uses an ultrarapid radio or microweave frequency to coagulate such cutaneous imperfections in order to minimize their appearance or to completely eliminate them. Radiance Studio offers thermacoagulation treatments to create a perfect skin. Our specialist is certified and experienced to provide such treatments to our clients.
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The results are often immediate and there is no risk of scarring or skin pigmentation changes. Best of all, there is no bruising or severe redness immediately after procedure – both of which some conventional laser treatments can cause. Thermocoagulation can treat leg veins, facial veins, rosacea, warts and general redness.
Spider Veins Treatment  With the breakthrough Thermocoagulation, spider veins are directly targeted with zero side effects. It’s effective in erasing fine varicosities or veins and produces dramatic results even after only one session for smaller areas being treated. In a few cases, two to three sessions may be necessary for satisfactory results.  
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